3 Tips for a Greener Event (that work in the real world!)

How green is your event?

It’s a well known and rather obvious fact that events are a waste heavy line of work. In fact, worldwide, the food waste alone from events is 50%!

The impact and legacy of events, was the key driver for the creation of Charity Bike Build and O3e. Our founder Peter, had his ‘polystyrene moment’ way back in 2010, when in the middle of a team buiding event, (that involved a lot of polystyrene!), he thought surely there must be another way! And so Charity Bike Build was born, followed by O3e and numerous other socially responsible events. No polystyrene here!

Our clever people at O3e headquarters, have had a good think about the tips they apply to their events, and which of these woud be useful to you. These are tips which are ‘real world’, not blue sky. So no excuses – read on and get acting!


1. Maximise your event’s Social LegacySocial Enterprise Venue

Easy peasy. Firstly – why not use a social enterprise venue? There are some inspiring causes out there and many have fantastic spaces you can hire. Check out Merci in Manchester, Watershed in Bristol or the Westminster Boating Base in London for inspiration.




Secondly – creTeenage Cancer Trustate something tangible, lasting and positively impactful at your event. If team building, build bikes, trikes or wheelchairs for local charities.

If you’re not specifically hosting a team buidling event, it doesn’t mean you can’t get creative and incorporate something – how about a Bike TACX simulator – delegates earn smile miles (pounds) for charity – in fact why not make it so the speaker can only speak if someone is cycling smile miles?!


2. Be Economically Effective

A prize for the delegates that get to your event in the most environmentallyand economically effective manner.  Again – encourage teams and delegates to get creative and start team building before they even arrive? Use a #tag for delegates to post their pictures to. How about #carshare?


3. Reduce Waste

You’re not feeding the entire population of the UK – cut down on food! We know you don’t want to look cheap, but here’s some stats. World-wide events waste 50% of the food they provide. In the UK, the figure is a more ‘respectible’ 18% – but still, 18%! So – how about you cut your usual food order by 10% – that still allows for 8% waste, so no one is going hungry! If you’re still worried about looking cheap, then tell your delegates or teams what you’re doing and why – then offer to donate the money you have saved to their preferred charity (as chosen through voting).


Hang on a moment – wouldn’t it just be greener not to have the event in the first place?! Well no actually! Research and experience continues to tell us that face-to-face communication remains one of the most effective ways to engage your team with your goals, build a stronger community and to drive progress.
According to Forbes, a survey of 760 business executives concluded that;
“84% of respondents said they preferred face to face communication because it builds stronger, more meaningful and trustworthy business relationships.”
Great Philanthropic Crystal Maze Challenge
Feeling Inspired and need more ideas? Then our brand new Great Philanthropic Crystal Maze Challenge, may be just the thing to include in your event!

And finally – never underestimate the ripple effect of what you have started at your event.


Be Brave. Be Creative. Be Exceptional!