4 Unique team building events with lasting benefits

Using CSR Team Building to support CSR Strategy

Bringing your colleagues together and developing your team building skills is critical to an efficient, happy and successful business. Understanding how everyone in your office thinks and functions is key to being able to work together on a daily basis.

While many team building activities seem to drag on for hours with power point presentations and build a tower out of straws‚ type of activities, you can also undertake some great workshops that have long lasting benefits that you can take back into the office. You learn real skills that are applicable in your daily work activities and that will help your team be as productive, focussed and successful as possible. Understand how you can make sure your company gets the most out of team building eventsDon’t take the easy road, do something that’s going to inspire your team and change the way they think about team building.

Bring everyone together by organising a successful team building activity to benefit your business with real purpose and tangible benefits, in a day the entire company will remember.

Why are long lasting benefits important?

Spending time away from the office to work on your team skills can be a costly exercise and you want to make sure you get the most benefit from the experience. These new skills can be exceptionally varied from better time management, improving creative thought processes to developing stronger communication skills between colleagues.

Being able to come away from the event knowing you have all developed new skills that are directly transferrable to your workplace is a necessary outcome from any good team building day. And having a great time while doing it is an excellent bonus!

4 inspiring ideas for unique team building events

Do you think your office could do with a good old team bonding session that involves more than just a boring powerpoint or a few pints at the pub? Here are four unique team building events that not only help you grow new skills as a team, they’re also ridiculously good fun! When you’ve got through these – there are a whole lot of other ideas for brilliant team building days out to check out.

Charity Bike Build

Charity Bike Build team building event

Get your teammates involved in a project that counts. You will work together in teams to build a bike from scratch, using those swiftly developing communication skills along the way to make sure you work together efficiently and productively. Along the way, you can also participate in additional challenges that will earn you additional knowledge and customisable items that you can add to your bike it make it the coolest and smoothest ride in town.

Once completed, the bike will be donated to a charity or local community group, so you’re also making a positive impact to people in need. So far over £163,000 worth of bikes have been donated to charitable causes and your team can be a part of that wonderful contribution.

Performance Wheelchair Challenge

wheelchairs built during a wheelchair build

Working in teams of up to 10 people, you will build your own wheelchair, completing various challenges along the way to gain access to some of the crucial parts and technicians’ expertise. Once the chairs are assembled you will compete in a wheelchair basketball game or race. Similar to the Charity Bike Build, the wheelchairs are donated to an all ability sports club or a charity suporting injured service men and women, after the event.

One Voice

One voice choir unique team building event

Do you consider yourself the next Adele? Can you hit the same notes as Whitney Houston in the shower? Or do you avoid bursting the eardrums of any poor victims with your toneless singing talents? No matter what your singing ability, the One Voice team building exercise encourages you to get vocal and participate in a group choir with your fellow workmates. Fear not – no one will make you sing on your own. This is all about working together as a team to develop leadership and cohesion amongst the group.

Through various workshops you will learn two to three new songs and be singing glorious harmonies by the end of the session. We then encourage you to hit the streets of your local community, raise your voices and make some money for a local charity.

Community Kitchen

Community kitchen cooking team building event

Grab your aprons and sharpen your kitchen knives, it is time to get cooking! In true Master Chef style, you will form teams and work together to create the best show-stopper dish. This event was designed to support young carers who play a vital role in our community. Local young carers can also be invited to participate in the event and all food made will be donated to a local charity. Whether you’re a kitchen whizz or a microwave-master, you will learn new practical skills that you can use in your workplace and your own homes.

To find out more about how these unique events could offer lasting benefits for your company and make an impact on others, click the banner below!

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