6 Amazing ideas for corporate team building days out in London

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If you want to get your team out of the office for some amazing motivational team building, then you’re in the right place! We’ve put together a post with 6 amazing ideas for corporate team building days out in London that your team will remember.

Getting out of the office as a team is vital to running a productive and hard-working business. While there are sometimes negative stigmas surrounding corporate team building days out, they don’t have to be cheesy, boring or difficult to organise. Forget those powerpoint presentations, awkward ice breakers and corny inspirational videos, there are activities that will help your employees gain valuable new skills and learn how to work together better as a team.

Many team building activities can also provide you with the opportunity to give back to your local community or a charity of your choice. Not only will your employees grow as individuals and as a team, you will also be making a difference to the lives of others. We’ll look at some of the awesome activities you can do if you’re interested in team building with lasting benefits.

London is a city full of inspirational team building activities that will get you and your employees out of your everyday office life to have a truly rewarding experience. Next time you’re planning a team building session, check out one of following activities to ensure your employees and your business to get the most out of the day. Take a look our guide to inspirational social enterprise venues across the Capital too!

Community Kitchen

Community kitchen cooking team building event

Nothing demands teamwork like the pressure of working in a kitchen. This challenging activity will help your business grow as a team while also giving back to your local community. Working in teams, you will devise a menu or a set dish and then cook it together. The team that serves up the dish of the day wins and all food is donated to a charity.

You could also organise a dinner and raise money through ticket sales. You can also choose to invite young carers who work in your local area to participate in the challenge and eat some of the delicious food.

Fun House Build Challenge

6 amazing ideas for corporate team building days out in London

Take on the ultimate in flat-pack construction challenges with a fun house build. Teams of 8 to 10 people will be given the pieces, tools and knowledge to construct a flat-pack house or vehicle within a set time frame.

You have to communicate and work as a team to put together the pieces of the puzzle, adding a final dash of paint to your fully constructed build. At the end of the day, the fun houses are donated to charities who work with children and who will gain a lot of enjoyment from playing in your fun house.

Charity Bike Build

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This fun and rewarding team building activity isn’t just for the cyclists in your office, it is about working together as a team to create a functioning, useful and beautiful machine with a real purpose. Working in teams, you will be given the parts and expertise to construct a bike from scratch. Everyone will be given a role to play and specific skills they need to bring to the team. Through clear communication and cooperation, teams will assemble the bikes that will then be put to the ultimate speed test in a fun racing competition.

After the event, all bikes will be donated to a local charity, so you can end the day knowing that your business has made a positive contribution to people in need.

This event works great on a large scale, but has also been adapted into a ‘joiner event’, perfect for smaller teams!

One Voice Choir Challenge

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Find those inner angels and song larks by participating in the One Voice choir challenge. Working in teams, your employees will learn and develop songs that they can then perform in a live setting. A great idea is to get out into a local shopping centre or hold an open office day and entertain your guests with your musical talents.

You can even raise some money for a local charity while you’re at it. Not only will your employees learn how to sing in harmony, they will also grow in self confidence and learn how to work in close groups to produce a great outcome.

Pedalling Smoothie

Get heathy and creative while raising money for your favourite charity with this engaging team building game. In teams you will design your own brand, slogan and marketing campaign to promote your own smoothie, a recipe you will devise yourselves. When it comes time to test out your delicious and healthy smoothies, you will need to get on the bike (literally!) Using a specially designed Smoothie Bike, you will use pedal power to blend your ingredients. The ultimate test comes when everyone votes for their favourite smoothie.

This is a great activity to help raise money for charity, either donate £1 per Smile Mile you pedal in order to blend your smoothies, or sell your smoothies in the packaging that you have designed to staff members the following morning.

Community Catwalk

Community Catwalk team building activities in London

Bringing together style, design and modelling skills, this community catwalk challenge offers a fun but challenging activity for even the most fashion conscious. In teams, you will budget, design and make an outfit using materials and clothes sourced from a charity store. You will have access to all of the equipment and expertise you need, including a professional seamstress!

Your creations will then hit the runway with a catwalk show including descriptions, music and entertainment, composed by your team. Fashion gurus will then select the best outfit of the day which will be awarded Top Fashion House!


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