Christmas Parties with a Goodwill Twist

The Summer Holidays have come to a close, X-Factor and Strictly are back on TV and the nights are drawing in. It can only mean one thing. Time to organise the Christmas Party! 


On our merry-go-round of life, there are certain things which keep us going and motivated. Events to plan for and look forward to. With the Summer holidays firmly behind us, how can you keep your team motivated? 


Booking the Christmas party can be a surprisingly complicated task – getting everyone to agree on a date, a budget, a location, a theme…… What starts off as exciting and motivating, can fast turn sour and frustrating!

We have an ingenious idea to make booking the Christmas Party both enjoyable and rewarding, plus it’s guaranteed to remove the moaning and groaning of certain team members……


Our latest newsletter shows how you can use your Christmas Party to engage, motivate and reward your team. All whilst having a fantastic time AND most importantly sharing some good will with your Community. After all – isn’t that what Christmas is about?


So get into the spirit of Christmas and enjoy the benefits of a motivated workforce – spurred on by the incentive of ‘doing good’ for charity.