Retail giant Brighthouse build 50 bikes during their annual conference.

More than 400 people attended the Brighthouse Annual Conference at the Hilton Metropole in May. The event which was organised by MCM Creative was an opportunity for the entire company to network, engage and have fun.

Charity Bike Build was chosen as the activity to help bring alive their theme Good to great, to provide a challenging team activity to help build new relationships, communicate and achieve something awesome.

The event was logistically challenging, it was the largest Charity Bike Build we have ever done, it had to fit in to the space available and had to be completed within the 3 hour window so that the room could be turned around for the dinner in the evening.

Our team started by working how we would manage that may people, how big would the teams need to be and could we ensure that each participant could acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to build the bikes. Once we had devised our plan it had to then fit in to the venue.

On the day our crew including 25 Cytech qualified cycle mechanics descended on the hotel, the whole set up was completed over lunch, in less than an hour!

When the Brighthouse 400 entered the room they could not believe their eyes, 50 bike frames located on professional workshop stands and 4 formidable looking spinning bikes, kindly lent to us by the Reebok Sports Club in Canary Wharf. The 400 were quickly divided in to 50 teams.

Team were introduced to the challenge and the NSPCC Chairman provided a glimpse of how the bikes were to be used. With the team briefed they were ready to get building but before they could start they needed to gather the knowledge from 25 specially set up knowledge sessions. Each session enabled individuals from the team to get the skills required to build the bikes. With their new found expertise they regrouped with their team mates and put together a project plan which was required in order to collect their tool kit.

Then the build begun, however nothing is that straight forward, for the build to continue the aforementioned Spin Bikes had to be going and teams put forward a relay of pedallers to keep the Spin bikes going for 2.5 hours! The teams also had to complete several Down Tool Challenges‚ to enable them to access the wealth of goods from the bike store.

The bikes began to take shape and even had an element of bling attached.

As teams completed their bikes they had to check them over before submitting them for quality control to our very fussy adjudicators.

All the bike were completed on time and were soon on their way to NSPCC projects all over the UK.

Participant Comments

Fantastic Event

It brought fun and mental ability to the task, a very good way to initiate a team build

It was interesting to work on a worthwhile task with people you generally do not do manual tasks with. It was a great idea for a good cause

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