Zurich were keen to provide an activity that would entertain clients, their partners and the Zurich team for an afternoon. O3e were contacted as they had heard about the activity from one of their event partners. Whist the activity definitely fitted the bill there were some concerns about the cost of delivering a Charity Bike Build in Rome. Zurich’s concerns were soon allayed as we came up with a clever solution to keep the transport costs to a minimum.

In September we arrived at the Roma Cavilieri Hotel perched on a hillside overlooking the whole of Rome, an outstanding hotel for a special event.

The main Ballroom was to be the Bike Build workshop which was set up for 17 teams, at this stage we were not sure exactly how many people would attend as it was an option for all the delegates. We did not have to worry for long as almost everyone and their partners, nearly 120 people got involved in building the 17 bikes. Everyone was fully engaged for nearly 3 hours. When the build was finished we ran the traditional ‘No Rush’ finale which has become a feature of nearly every event we deliver.

Everyone left in high spirits and the event was much talked about at that evening’s dinner.

The following day we had the privilidge of being invited to the Vatican to hand the bikes over to the Swiss Guard who had a charity and were going to distribute the bikes throughout the Rome community.