Inspiring indoor team building games with a difference

Knot in a rope indoor team building games and activities

Strengthening the communication skills and productivity of your work team is crucial to building and growing a strong business. A team that works well together and that understands how each member thinks, works and communicates will be more productive and efficient and will therefore produce better results. Team building games are a fun and inclusive way of developing team work skills that you can take back into your office.

Many team building games involve outdoor pursuits that can take up a lot of time and that aren’t always appropriate for the UK’s wet weather. Indoor team building games can be more accessible as they can be undertaken in your office or conference venue and usually don’t require you to go to an external venue. They can also be incorporated into conferences or presentations as a fun but beneficial way to break up the time. We give lots of examples below, but please click here if you would like to receive our full team building product brochure.

Long lasting benefits

As a business, you want to know that you will get long lasting benefits from any team building exercises you undertake and that you will grow as both individuals and as a business. It is important that you develop new skills, learn to communicate more efficiently and that you come away from the day with a great sense of achievement. Plus, having a bit of fun along the way doesn’t hurt either! You might not be able to get away for staff retreat, but there are all kinds of ways you can encourage team bonding.

Do you have a conference or workshop in the near future? Why not incorporate an indoor team building activity as part of the event? They’re an important part of growing your team and will help your team get to know one another better.

Whether you’re dedicating an entire day to team building or if you just have a couple of hours, we’ve researched some of the best activities and games that will allow you to achieve all the important aspects of a team building activity or just one or two elements.

These games are colour coded free and informal, or highly planned by expert teams. Most of the activities can also be added to with the awesome element of being able to give to charity at the same time. Check them out!

Make Sense

Sensory indoor team building games

Discover what it is like to live without your sense of taste, touch, smell, sight or hearing by participating in this engaging challenge. Teams will undertake tasks that show participants what it would be like to live without one of our vital senses.

Participants will complete games such as ‘colour blind’, testing their skills in touch and communication, negotiating an obstacle course while blindfolded and a music quiz where you can only sense the music through vibrations in a resonance pillow. By completing these tasks teams will earn parts to construct a toy or storyboard that will be donated to a charity that helps children with learning difficulties.

Thinking hats

indoor team building games

This is an interesting game that requires nothing but a few different coloured hats and some interesting hypothetical scenarios. Each hat represents a different way of thinking, so for example you may have:

  • red hat = creative
  • blue hat = analytical
  • yellow hat = practical
  • purple hat = bold
  • green hat = patient
  • grey hat = cautious

You present the team with a hypothetical scenario with several possible solutions and ask the team members to present different solutions if they were thinking in the way the hat they’re wearing represents. Get the team to talk about and argue for each of their solutions, and then to come to a compromise. This game gets people thinking in different ways, to roll play with various characters and perspectives of thinking.


Make two loops on either end of a length of cord, placing each loop over one wrist, the second person also does the same but before putting the second loop on their wrist they drop the end in between the first persons outstretched ‘cuffed’ arms.

When the final wrist is in the loop the two people will be tangled together and the two pieces of string will look like a cross when pulled the couple try to pull apart. Now whilst always have a loop of string on all the wrists disentangle themselves. This is a great icebreaker, lots of energy and is a brilliant metaphor for creative thinking (and doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result!)

Charity Bike Build

Charity Bike Build team building event

Test the cooperation and communication skills of your team with a fun and energetic bike building challenge. Teams will be given a professional bike workshop with all of the tools and parts they need to build a fully functional bike. Each individual team member is given specialist skills that they will need to bring back to the team in order for the bike to be put together successfully. Over 2.5 hours, teams will have fun working together to create a usable bike that is then donated to a local charity, so not only do you gain valuable skills, you also get to give something back to the community.

If you love the idea of this event, click here to find out more about organising a charity bike build for your team.

Tie four knots

Knot in a rope indoor team building games and activities

This game is another fun game using rope or string and really easy to organise. All you need is a few lengths of string. Get everyone to stand in a line holding onto one end of a piece of string so everyone is connected in a chain.

Task the team to tie four or more knots in the lengths of string without anyone letting go. This will mean everyone will need to talk and cooperate to get the knots tied. If you have just one team, try and complete the task in a set amount of time. If you have two or more teams you can see which team can tie the most amounts of knots in the most lengths of string.

Performance Wheelchair Charity Build

Wheelchair build indoor team building games

Similar to the charity bike build, only this time with four wheels instead of two. Working in teams, you will build high performance wheelchairs, bringing together specialist skills and knowledge to be able to build the final chair. On completion, teams will compete in either a wheelchair race or basketball game, seeing which team has the fastest chair on the court.

The best part is that at the end of the day, you have created a wheelchair that will be donated to a local sporting facility and you have helped improve the lives of people living in your community. Find out more about making wheelchairs for team building.

Dining in the Dark

Indoor team building activities

Have you ever tried eating your dinner with your eyes closed? Do you think you could handle a knife and fork and not spill your soup if you couldn see what you were doing? Discover what it is like for visually impaired people to eat by creating a dinner in the dark. Teams will need to devise a three-course meal, buy ingredients to a set budget, and work together to prepare, cook and serve the food to their guests. Then comes the hard part, everyone will eat the food while wearing blindfolds!

Add an additional element to your team building day by selling tickets to your dinner to raise money for a charity maybe?

Can you help charity through teambuilding