New Bikes for Homeless Charity help work commute

Following a brilliant Charity Bike Build with Connolly, the bikes were sent off to Exaireo Ethos project @Livesontrack, helping homeless people get back into work. The bikes are offering a free way of commuting and are already being put to great use.

“The bikes are great!! Thank you so much, and also to the people at Connolly. I’ve attached a photo of two of our residents with their new bikes. One of the guys in the picture had a job interview yesterday, and if he gets the job (which he’s been told is very likely) he now has the means to get to work.

Our plan is to give the majority away to residents who need them for work placements, or as a reward for having performed particularly well but to also keep several available for loan for bike trips, for temporary placements, or when an existing bike needs repairing. Thanks again” From @Livesontrack

And from Connolly….“Thank you very much for such a fantastic event. It was the perfect end to the conference and everyone really enjoyed themselves. You ran the day with such precision which meant it went really smoothly.”