O3e has a record CSR Impact in 2017 (and it’s only August!)

O3e CSR Impact
Helping companies like yours to improve their social impact, achieve their CSR goals and at the same time build a happy, engaged and loyal workforce is what we do best. So it’s a real highlight for us to look back on 2017 so far, and see the social impact our work at O3e has achieved.
Of course, none of this is possible without our forward thinking clients, to whom we are very grateful and super impressed with!
Check out our Infographic to see just how much impact our Charity team building events have had already this year. Every time a company chooses a CSR or Charity team building event, over a regular event, they are adding to this wonderful story and legacy.
If this has left you feeling inspired, please let us help you find the perfect team building event for you, from building bikes and wheelchairs to artworking skateboard decks or children’s fun houses, or perhaps the fast paced treasure quests or philanthropic crystal maze – there really is something for everyone.
A very recent reply form the NSPCC, really touched us and reminded us how important the social impact of these events is at an individual level;
Matthew Gray, Partnership manager at the NSPCC says;
“Yesterday I had the pleasure of giving him one of the bikes donated by your service. I have been working with this young person since January and he has had a number of challenges in this time. About 3 months ago his bike was stolen.
Yesterday was his first review with our service where we were able to share with him a lot of positive feedback about his engagement in our work. He has worked really hard over the last 10 sessions and it felt very rewarding being able to say well done with the gift of this bike. The young person grinned from ear to ear when told about the bike and was keen to go and see it.
Unfortunately he was unable to take the bike home following his review meeting as he was not able to take it on the underground. We told him that we would keep it safe for him until he is able to transport it home.  He then turned up on the same day at 5pm and planned to wait until 7pm until he was able to travel back home during off peak times.  He was thrilled to finally pick his bike up said that he didn’t want to wait over the weekend to take it home. The thing he is looking forward to most is riding it around his local lake.”
This is one of many stories, where you see the true and direct impact of your charity team building event. If you could build a polystyrene bridge at your next team building event, or a bike like the one in the above story, which would you choose?


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