Team building activities that focus on communication

team building activities focussed on communication

Communication breakdowns within the office can have serious repercussions on the efficiency, function and success of a business. Staff who do not communicate well with each other cannot work together to the highest possible standard and the quality of your work as a company will suffer.

Communication in an office happens on many levels, from sending internal emails, understanding work methods of individual team members, expressing ideas, to socialising in the kitchen, being able to communicate across multiple areas and in several dimensions is vital in a workplace. When communication goes wrong it can result in unhappy and inefficient workplaces where team members lack the ability to work cohesively. Feelings of frustration will rise within the team and unless something is done to improve the situation, it can create a very difficult workspace.

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development describes internal communication as being critical to achieving business outcomes and that good communication within an organisation can help promote staff wellbeing and retention. A happy employee who feels they are being listened to and playing a key role within the team environment is more likely to work hard and stay on in the role. When conflicts arise and staff morale drops, many people will choose not to turn up to work or look for new jobs.

Improve your internal communication

Organised activities and team building days are a great way to build your staff members’ communication skills and encourage them to work together as a cohesive team. By taking the time to focus on essential skills such as listening to each other and providing constructive criticism, you will grow as a business and function in a more productive manner.

It is important that you choose a team building activity that will really make a difference to your team and that your staff are willing to get involved in. A Powerpoint presentation and a light lunch won’t improve your employees’ communication skills. You may see a slight improvement for a day or two but then everything will just slip back to the old way of doing things.

Select an activity that will engage all of the participants, offers set objectives and that will teach you new skills and knowledge that can be taken back into the workplace. These team building activities offer great benefits to both your business as a whole and each individual team member and you will see direct results in how your workplace operates.

Build your team’s communication skills

The following team building activities are designed to develop communication skills amongst team members while also providing you with the opportunity to give something back to your local community. Each activity is shaped around growing specific teamwork skills that your business needs to work on, with communication being a key component. At the end of the day, if your colleagues can’t talk to each other they will not be able to produce quality work to the high standard you want for your business.

Charity Bike Build


The key to this fun and engaging challenge is communication skills. Each team member is given an important piece of knowledge about how to build a bike using the various parts and tools you have been given. When this knowledge comes together and is clearly explained to the rest of the team, you can work together to build a bike that will then be donated to a local charity.

One Voice Singing Challenge

One voice choir unique team building event

Singing in a choir is more than just individual talent. It is also about working as a team to create harmonies, encourage participation and create an entertaining and enjoyable performance for your audience. In the One Voice Singing Challenge teams work together as a choir to learn new songs, build self confidence and grow as a group.

Pedalling Smoothily

This entertaining and fun activity will really spark healthy eating and exercise in your employees. Working in teams, they will rely on their communication skills to design a delicious smoothie as well as all of the branding and marketing material to sell it to their target audience. Then it’s time for some pedal power, using a smoothie bike, each team will blend their chosen ingredients to create their drink.

Charity Treasure Quest

map for treasure hunt team building activities

Finding and solving clues on a cryptic treasure hunt requires outstanding communication and cooperation. Challenge your employees to undertake the Charity Treasure Quest, moving from one location to the next, completing challenges and collecting treasure along the route. The first team to reach the final destination wins!

Community Kitchen

woman cooking chicken community kitchen team building event

When hot ovens and sharp knives are involved, good communication is critical and the Community Kitchen challenge will really test how good your employees are at sharing ideas and working as a team. In groups, participants will formulate menus, compile ingredients and cook a meal that will be served to guests. This is a great way to involve a local charity in your team building day, invite residents in your area to come and enjoy your food.

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