How to apply for bikes

We work with a number of key national charities who have a local presence, we are keen to work with small community based projects and charities as well.

Here are some examples of projects we have worked with …

Leaside – Based in East London on the banks of the river Lea, Leaside had 24 tired bikes that had been used for years by the young people who frequented the centre. Working with MacQuarie, an Australian Investment bank we were able to completely replace Leaside’s fleet with 34 brand new ones.

Mind in Mid Herts – Based across 4 centres in Hertfordshire, the project team were keen to launch a well being programme in Stevenage, Mind in Mid Herts specified the exact specification of the bikes required and alongside a team from Deloitte we were able to build and supply 7 bikes.

Children First West Bershire – A small charity based on the outskirts of Newbury founded by a couple who had fostered many children, CFBW owns a house and helps young adults get a foothold in society and provides shelter. Vodafone provided a team to build 4 great Treks for the project.

If you believe you have a requirement and can store and maintain the bikes we would be happy to hear from you.