What’s Involved

The Charity Bike Build

How our Unique Charity Team Building challenge works

teams need to get the knowledge to build the bike

We can run our team building Charity Bike Build event pretty much anywhere – indoors, outdoors, all types of venues – we’ve have even had an event in a pub!

Understanding your business, employee and charitable objectives for the activity are key factors in the success of your event. We can help determine and set these objectives.

The day begins with our team preparing the room, which typically takes about an hour. Your group are invited in to the room and split in to smaller teams, each team is allocated a workshop area with tool kit, bike stand and a partly assembled bike, as well as gloves and other items to keep clean and protected.

The briefing and team information will clearly guide the teams on the objectives of the challenge. Roles allocated, the teams are invited to send individuals to knowledge workshops to gain the skills necessary to safely and competently build the bike.

A recent survey of participants rated their engagement with the Charity Bike Build team build activity as 94.5%

Down Tool Challenge Once the workshops are completed the teams need to regroup share their knowledge and create a build plan. With build plan approved the team can begin the build.

As you would expect, things are not as straight forward as they seem, has the team all the parts and tools they need? Are the finances in place to purchase additional items? Can they solve the mini team challenges in order to gain the resources required? With a little bit of help from our friendly crew the bikes take shape and once tested and certified by an engineer, they are ready to go to the Charity.

The bike hand over is an extraordinary experience. Ideally it takes place on the same day, if this is not possible because of time or availability then we deliver the bikes the following day, you are of course welcome to attend.

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Charity Bike Build is brought to you by O3e the only organisation dedicated to creating value for your local community through fun, challenging team activities, you can view our other challenges at o3e.co.uk