Human Resources satisfied to engaged

Teenage Cancer TrustSatisfied to Engaged

As organisations are beginning to pick up a head of steam, its not surprising that employees start to look around to see whether there are better prospects elsewhere.

A recent article featured on the HR hub HR Grapevine suggested that a UK employee would move companies for just a 5.7% rise in pay. Whilst pay does have a bearing, the true value in loyalty lies with engagement.

Why Social Engagement team building?

A Fleishman Hillard survey found that 87% of European employees feel greater loyalty to socially engaged employers. While a further recent report by the City of London, found that corporate volunteering in education offers significant financial benefits for businesses.

How do we support human resources

  • Support organisations CSR agendaPhoto of a charity bike build bike for great ormond street hospital
  • Provide a vehicle to communicate organisational values
  • Engage employees with the business
  • Identify and develop soft skills
  • Have fun together

Charity Bike Build enables organisations to reach out to the local community whilst engaging with employees. Our clients have used the event to communicate values, educate and have fun together. With a 94.5% engagement score, it is a unique choice when it comes to choosing your next engagement event or activity.