Support for event managers

We know first-hand, what it’s like to event manage a whole conference or a team away day. Our goal is to make your day as easy as possible. We can support your event manager role in many ways

Why choose us?

  • Net promotor score of 100%, as does, the organisation behind Charity Bike Build.
  • Overwhelming endorsement from our clients, who opted for Charity Bike Build instead of more traditional team challenges.
  • Lots of fun! Charity Bike Build is highly engaging, fun and provides the ability to help you meet your client’s objectives.
  • Great value – Price is dependent on group size, location and timings, but Charity Bike Build can be as low as £55 per person.
  • We manage everything, ensuring that your client(s) and their guests have a terrific time, whilst you make sure the rest of the event is running smoothly.

And if you are not sure Charity Bike Build is right for you have a look at some of our other community and charity focused challenges.