CSR and Sustainability

Charity Biike Build is a great way to meet some or all of your CSR goals and because it can be linked in to your organisations L&D budget may free up some cash to focus on other opportunities. We also support volunteering.


Enabling employees to volunteer is a great opportunity to engage with the local community and we provide a service which we call Volunteer+

Volunteer+ supports your ongoing volunteering programmes by enhancing the whole experience, this includes turning the experience in to a team challenge.

Volunteer+ Events include

  • Visting a local charity that support children with disabilities, spending time with the children and then building a Trike or Bike for one of the children who need it.
  • Turning a Volunteering experience in to a Crystal Maze styled challenge
  • You can even join a multi company Charity Bike Build

Volunteer+ is a great way to harness all the energy, knowledge and experience of a large group of people with the added knowledge of knowing that the activity is risk assessed, insured, participative and managed.

“It was certainly the most fun team building day I have ever had, so thank you for making that possible. It was just great to be together and be able to enjoy that time doing something so rewarding.” Shell International