Engaging your team through Charity Bike Build

Providing your team with a highly motivating and engaging charity inspired team building activity, through Charity Bike Build, delivers many benefits:

  • Improvements in employee engagement with your business objectivesTeam Photo with Child
  • Enhanced team functionality
  • Improved group dynamics
  • Productive and effective working relationships

Working with you, we can build an event that is tailored to support your key business messages. Allowing you to communicate your business strategy and values to your employees through our fun, engaging, innovative and socially responsible, team building event.

Our team have experience in many aspects of communication and recruitment campaigns.

Graduate Recruitment – Engage with graduates, undergraduates and Interns, providing an activity that is engaging and provides an insight in to your organisation’s values.

Values and Strategy – Charity Bike Build can be tailored to meet your overall communication objectives, providing an emotive experience aligned with your CSR programme. The activity incorporates mini team and individual challenges that can be tailored to achieve the organisation’s desired outcomes.

Employee Engagement and Retention – A fun activity that breaks down silos, improves networking and builds sustainable relationships.

Charity Bike Build is brought to you by O3e the only organisation dedicated to creating value for your local community through fun, challenging team activities, you can view our other challenges at o3e.co.uk